Noise measurement: hire a consultancy firm... and count on us for a practical solution

All industrial sites are different. Every organisation has different acoustic needs, which is why it is so important to have a clear plan that distinctly identifies all disturbing noise sources. For a detailed noise measurement, you should hire the services of an acoustics consultancy firm. Then, DOX Noise Control will take care of the practical implementation. That way, you will avoid noise nuisance for your employees and the environment. 

Read here also why it is so important to implement a noise remediation plan proactively.

Noise emissions from industrial sectors

Each sector causes noise nuisance in its own way (impacting both employees and the environment). The most common noise sources responsible for noise pollution include:

  • Production halls (including machinery);
  • Freight traffic (including loading and unloading of materials);
  • Fans and pumps;
  • HVAC (for site ventilation and cooling).

The best way to avoid noise pollution before it actually occurs is to implement the necessary preparations proactively from the outset. By doing that, you can avoid having official complaints lodged against your organisation later because of noise nuisance, which may lead to production shutdown or other sanctions. What is the first step to prepare your company as well as possible? Hiring the services of an acoustics consultancy firm.

Noise measurement by an accredited acoustics consultancy firm

An acoustics consultancy firm will produce a detailed noise remediation plan which maps out all possible sources of noise nuisance.

To that end, it conducts expert noise measurements (sometimes spread over several days) at various observation points. This thorough acoustic survey enables you to identify immediately the noise sources causing noise nuisance in your organisation. 

Once the problem areas have been mapped out, it is time to suggest practical solutions. And that’s where DOX Noise Control comes in.

First noise measurement, then practical acoustic solutions

Based on the findings of the noise measurement and acoustic survey, DOX Noise Control designs practical acoustic solutions. These are fully tailored to your specific requirements. Our solutions are designed to benefit the environment as well as your employees, among other stakeholders: 

  • Air-conditioning systems: whether it relates to condensers, cooling units, heat pumps or roof units, HVAC systems used in your company may cause noise nuisance. That is why being proactive is crucial.
  • Industrial processes: whatever the case may be, industrial processes generate a lot of noise. Just think of fans, compressors or motors that drive installations. DOX offers solutions to reduce noise nuisance – both internal and environmental noise – and thus comply with noise standards. 
  • Facilities: DOX Noise Control provides full-service solutions, making sure the business facilities in and around your companies have the right acoustics. Soundproofing doors, noise barriers or additional sound insulation are some examples. 

DOX Noise Control is at your service

Would you like more information about drawing up a noise remediation plan or implementing practical acoustic applications? Contact us if you have more questions about projects or acoustic solutions.


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