Prevent padel noise nuisance by implementing DOX Noise Control acoustic solutions

Friday July 02 2021

Padel is more popular than ever. Almost every tennis club has already set up padel courts or is at least thinking about it. There is only one problem: padel seems to generate far more noise nuisance than tennis. DOX Noise Control acoustic solutions can resolve this issue.

Noise nuisance generated by padel

It is true that more and more complaints are being lodged in relation to the noise disturbance caused by padel courts. This phenomenon has even been the subject of parliamentary questions to the Government of Flanders. You can view the parliamentary debate in this document

There is no denying that the noise impact of padel is louder than that of tennis. For example, padel usually involves more players and the stroke intensity is higher. There are also more padel courts than tennis courts. All of this can lead to constant noise nuisance.

More and more outdoor tennis courts have recently been replaced by padel courts, partly due to the fact that these are smaller: several padel courts fit within the surface area of one tennis court. The only problem is that there is no supporting framework that deals with noise nuisance, to lay down strict construction standards. Now, after receiving complaints from local residents, many tennis clubs must quickly find a solution to the noise nuisance.

DOX Noise Control provides acoustic solutions that can be implemented during or after the installation of the padel courts. It would be a bad idea to let the acoustic optimisation drag on.

Addressing the negative impact of noise pollution too late

Many tennis clubs notice too late that their padel courts are the cause of noise nuisance. This has the following negative impact:

  • Poor relations with the neighbourhood;
  • Disturbance for other athletes as well;
  • Risk of paying fines if the nuisance is not mitigated.

It is therefore crucial to tackle the problem as early as possible: by acting proactively, you avoid many issues. DOX Noise Control acoustic solutions are ideal for this kind of situation.

DOX Noise Control acoustic solutions 

DOX Noise Control specialises in acoustic solutions for industry, sports and recreation. We provide the right customised solutions to completely eliminate noise nuisance. Acoustic screens are ideal for padel courts. They ensure that the sound does not travel beyond the court itself. With regard to the panels themselves, our customers can choose from various materials:

A word of caution! Installing noise barriers without expert advice is not a good idea. The specific acoustic situation needs to be analysed at each location. How far is the court from the land boundary? How many courts are there, and how are they positioned?

DOX Noise Control starts by carrying out a thorough sound analysis before installing the acoustic panels. That way, we can offer our customers a tailor-made solution. Otherwise, you risk making a large investment that would prove insufficient afterwards. 

Wondering how to reduce padel court-related noise nuisance?

Would you like more information on conducting a sound analysis of your padel courts or other sports facilities? Contact us if you have more questions about projects or acoustic solutions.


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