Industrial Silencers

Reduce the noise level of industrial process emissions.
The field of application of the DOX Noise Control silencers is virtually unlimited. Thanks to advanced calculation programs, we select the optimal silencer. This takes into account damping spectra, capacity, aerodynamic resistance, flow noise, temperature, pressure, medium, pollution, type of material and price / quality ratio. This results in a damper for every situation: from standard splitter silencers for construction, to large exhaust silencers for complex process industry.

Industrial Silencers

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Cylindrical silencer

The way cylindrical silencers work is based on absorption, just like the splitter silencer. This silencer is often used between pipes. The cylindrical silencer can be designed with an absorbing core o...
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Vent silencer

Safety vents or valves release steam or gas under high pressure, which causes a great deal of noise. In a vent silencer the pressure is gradually reduced in several pressure stages, in which the frequ...
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Splitter silencers

Rectangular silencers with sound-absorbing wings. Can generate noise reduction up to 50 dB. Option: aerodynamically shaped inflow and outflow profiles to reduce pressure loss.
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Our services

Noise remediation

A proactive approach to noise remediation is strongly recommended to improve the relationship between industry and the environment. 


Our qualified team of engineers has a thorough understanding of the properties of sound, sound propagation and its effect.


Thanks to our extensive range and expertise, we can offer complete solutions completely tailored to your project. That way, every project is unique.

Project management

A team of skilled and passionate employees follows up every project from A to Z, from sales to delivery and assembly.

Assembly service

If necessary, in addition to delivering the goods, we can also provide on-site assembly by ao. our certified DOX technicians.

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