Noise remediation

A proactive approach to noise remediation is strongly recommended to improve the relationship between industry and the environment. 

Limit noise impact with a tailor-made noise remediation plan

Sound remediation: what is it?

Noise remediation is a concept that returns in every sector. After all, it is required by law to reduce the noise level and thus prevent noise nuisance.

Noise pollution can be reduced in various ways. The ultimate goal is always to reduce the noise level in the surrounding residential areas, as well as to guarantee the quality of life in gardens, recreation areas and the like. Moreover, the quality of life in the industrial site itself should not be underestimated. The workers must also be protected!

Why? On the one hand to avoid complaints from surrounding neighbors or own employees, but on the other hand to obtain the necessary environmental permits. If you do not meet the requirements, you run the risk of a negative advice, with disastrous consequences for your company.


The noise remediation plan

Obviously, you cannot achieve such noise remediation without first working out a well-thought-out plan. And that's where the noise remediation plan - based on a thorough noise study - comes into the picture.

A remediation plan maps out all possible theoretical noise nuisance. It is therefore a theoretical calculation that analyzes all possible noise sources. This plan is drawn up by a specialized and neutral engineering company, so that your company is fully aware of how your daily activities will affect the noise in the environment.

After a thorough acoustic study is carried out on all sound sources - collected in a sound model - a check is carried out by taking effective measurements at various observation points. From the model it is deduced which specific sources must be remediated and with which damping.

Based on these findings, DOX Noise Control proposes concrete tailor-made solutions. Our project engineers can advise you without any problem which sound-insulating solutions you need to meet this desired attenuation.

One-stop-shop with efficient solutions & the necessary support

The power of DOX Noise Control

What makes DOX Noise Control unique is our one-stop-shop motto. You are completely relieved with us as the primary point of contact. We offer tailor-made solutions and think along with you about the most suitable and economical solution. What defines DOX Noise Control?

  • We guide you from A to Z.
  • We arrive on the spot.
  • We have in-depth knowledge of the market, materials and possible partners.
  • As an expert, we can work with various suppliers, completely in function of your project and your needs.

We take all important factors into account when developing a noise abatement solution and tackle the cause directly.

Would you like more information about the services of DOX Noise Control? Contact us.


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