DOX Noise Control: an experienced partner for consultancy firms

Thursday May 06 2021

As an acoustics consultancy firm, your main role is to draw up technical reports, provide advice on acoustics or a tailored noise remediation plan for all kinds of customers. These reports are usually very thorough and detailed. DOX Noise Control can perfectly translate these reports into practical solutions. 

Acoustic reports for industrial environments

We know from years of experience that acoustic solutions are often implemented too late in the industry. This is due to the fact that such investments are – by the customer – not seen as yielding a direct ROI. These are costs that most organisations postpone as long as possible until – unfortunately – it is too late and they risk being shut down or not having their environmental permit renewed. Moreover, this almost always involves custom solutions, which can take a lot of time to implement.

We always refer our customers to a professional acoustics consultancy firm in order to ensure the best solutions. However, the following scenarios are very common: 

  • Customers think that a consultancy firm also supplies the acoustic solutions right away, or that DOX Noise Control first carries out a specialist noise measurement;
  • The end customer is usually not familiar with the specific equipment;
  • The consultancy firm can only make observations without offering relevant applications to remedy them.

Of course, the aim is to provide the customer with the best possible insight into costs and to deliver a report that is both thorough and clear. That is why collaborating with a partner that provides specific solutions will only bring you benefits.

A fruitful collaboration with DOX Noise Control

By working with an experienced partner like DOX Noise Control you ensure that: 

  • you link findings to solutions;
  • the report is as transparent as possible for the customer;
  • the customer is immediately provided with solutions;
  • you can provide a complete service to the customer.

As you are drawing up an acoustic report, DOX Noise Control can propose the right acoustic solutions based on your findings, taking into account the budget, wishes and needs of the end customer. These can be added directly to the report. 

As a consultancy firm, which sectors can you cover with the help of DOX Noise Control?

DOX Noise Control can suggest practical acoustic solutions that are perfectly in line with your report. You can rely on us for the following applications:

  • HVAC: condensers, cooling units, heat pumps or roof units;
  • Industrial processes: fans, compressors or motors that drive installations; 
  • Facilities: acoustic improvement of the whole plant. 

A selection of the acoustic solutions we offer:

  • Soundproofing doors;
  • Silencers (splitter attenuators, cylindrical silencers, blow-off silencers and smoke and exhaust gas silencers);
  • Noise barriers (aluminium, timber and painted steel panels);
  • Housings (fully tailored to each project);
  • Ventilation grilles (industry, construction or for the ventilation of machinery and installations).

By joining forces, we offer customers a full package: a clear report that shows which sections of an organisation cause noise nuisance and the right acoustic solutions to remedy the nuisance. It’s the perfect trade-off.

Interested in collaborating with DOX Noise Control? 

We are always looking for professional partners to provide our customers with as complete a service as possible. Ready for a collaboration, or maybe you have a question for us? Contact us and we’ll reply within the shortest possible delay.


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