Want to reduce noise pollution: be proactive, don’t wait until summer

Friday March 12 2021

Spring is around the corner, and that’s good news for all of us. However, there is a downside when it comes to noise control. Usually, noise pollution becomes more noticeable to local residents when the weather improves and more living activities take place outdoors. DOX Noise Control acoustic solutions are a must to reduce noise pollution. But don’t wait until the summer to look for a solution: by then it will be too late!

Which elements of my business are responsible for noise nuisance?

Naturally, you want to protect local residents as much as possible and reduce your noise pollution in compliance with the prevailing regulations. The way to do this is to optimise the soundproofing of the noisiest elements in your organisation. Here are a few specific sources of noise pollution: 

  • Production halls (including machinery);
  • Freight traffic (including loading and unloading of materials);
  • Fans and pumps;
  • HVAC (for site ventilation and cooling). 

Reducing noise pollution: the process

It will take your organisation quite some time to reduce noise pollution. That’s because all the solutions are customised. A complete acoustic process during which we implement tailored sound solutions takes about 3 to 4 months, which is why it is important to start noise control in good time.

An acoustic process always goes through these three steps:

  • survey: an acoustic consultancy firm carries out detailed measurements to identify the noise sources;
  • practical solutions: DOX Noise Control translates the findings of the consultancy firm into workable solutions;
  • production: DOX Noise Control produces and implements the right customised acoustic solutions.

Precisely because DOX Noise Control acoustic solutions are fully customised and unique, all this takes time: after all, every situation is different. Read more about our method in this article: Reduce noise impact with a tailored noise remediation plan. 

How do I start reducing noise pollution?

The first step in any noise abatement process is establishing the baseline situation:

  • Which factors are currently causing noise pollution in the environment? 
  • What are the noise pollution levels? 

You should hire the services of a specialist acoustics consultancy firm to perform a first thorough survey. They will measure levels professionally and identify and quantify any problem areas. 

Based on that detailed report, we can then suggest practical solutions, such as:

  • Ventilation grilles for equipment rooms, factories or air-conditioning systems.
  • Housings that dampen noise from engines or generators.
  • Soundproofing panels in loading and unloading zones or around heavy machinery.
  • Silencers (viz. sound dampers) that can be used just about anywhere in an industrial setting.

Ready for a suitable solution? 

Ready to get rid of noise nuisance? Don’t wait until summer and contact us without obligation! We will be happy to work with you towards a suitable solution, fully tailored to your company’s requirements and wishes.


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