Custom noise barriers as the simplest noise reduction solution.

Friday December 09 2022

After a long working day, you come home and want peace and quiet, but you live near an industrial estate. The noise from the various machines and installations of industries causes a lot of noise pollution. Noise pollution is not a cat to be handled without gloves, but how best to do this?

Consequences of noise pollution at the source

The consequences of long-term or consistent exposure to noise pollution are not a topic that should be taken lightly. Unfortunately, people are often unaware that noise pollution is a severe problem with harmful health consequences. Regular exposure to noise, whether from traffic or industry, experiences a greater likelihood of various health effects.

Noise barriers as a solution to noise pollution

A noise barrier is a perfect way to reduce outdoor noise pollution. In what way? Industrial noise barriers have both sound-insulating and sound-absorbing properties. European countries have taken several measures to reduce and control noise levels. However, according to an EEA report on environmental noise, assessing the benefits of these measures in terms of favourable health outcomes remains challenging. Still, hope is not lost, as suitable noise barriers or soundproofing solutions will go a long way!

Turn down the volume knob of industrial noise.

There is a lid for every pot, and so there is also a noise protection solution for every industrial application. Noise barriers surely deserve first prize when it comes to eliminating environmental noise. But, which noise barriers work best for which application? For that, we will be happy to visit you for a detailed study. We do, however, provide an overview of our best-performing options!

Fonocon noise barrier

These noise barriers are made of aluminium. They are one-sided perforated sound-absorbing & insulating noise screens. The material is light and therefore suitable for, e.g. installations on roofs. The aluminium Fonocon panels are ideal in corrosive, aggressive environments along water or chemical industries. Their excellent acoustic properties make these screens perfect as front panels (facade) or around machinery in factories, surrounding cooling installations or even car parks!

Wooden noise barrier

A busy car park, a loading and unloading area for trucks or even an area filled with padel courts. Wooden noise barriers are the perfect noise protection solution. The wooden material makes these walls unique and offers high quality through all kinds of weather. Wooden noise barriers are more aesthetically pleasing than plastic panels. Due to their less industrial appearance, they imitate a garden fence, e.g. a plot boundary with neighbours' gardens.

Painted steel noise barrier

Painted steel noise barriers are made of self-supporting construction panels (sandwich panels) with high sound insulation and absorption values. Their excellent fire and thermal properties are the absolute icing on the cake, making these screens the perfect match for industrial machinery and installations. 

DGI noise barrier

A noise screen made of mostly recycled plastic elements? That's DGI. These screens and panels comply with EU standards and have excellent sound absorbing and dampening qualities.

Get rid of noise pollution in the surroundings. DOX Noise Control is happy to help you move towards a quieter environment!


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