An industrial heat pump: energy-efficient, sure, but consider the noise limits!

Tuesday March 16 2021

Industrial heat pumps are gaining in popularity due to their energy efficiency. And that is certainly justified, since heat pumps are climate-neutral. This explains why more and more organisations are opting for this solution. But what about the noise made by a heat pump? Make sure that you not only meet the climate standards, but also the noise standards!

The VLAREM II noise standards

The VLAREM II regulation of the Government of Flanders regarding environmental licensing makes a distinction between standards for noise pollution in the open air and indoors.

Outdoors, the following maximum noise levels apply for areas located less than 500 metres from industrial areas:

  • In daytime, from 7am to 7pm: 50dB(A)
  • In the evening, from 7pm to 10 pm: 45dB(A)
  • At night, from 10 pm to 7 am: 40db(A)

There should be even less noise pollution indoors. In this respect, the noise limits are as follows:

  • In daytime, from 7am to 7pm: 36dB(A)
  • In the evening, from 7pm to 10 pm: 31dB(A) 
  • At night, from 10 pm to 7 am: 31db(A)

These rules apply since industrial heat pumps consist of both indoor and outdoor units. It is therefore paramount that the noise generated by the heat pump does not exceed these limits. That is why it is important when purchasing a heat pump to know the maximum noise level produced by that heat pump, as this is closely linked to the heat output.

How much noise does an industrial heat pump make? 

In Europe, the maximum sound output of heat pumps has been set out in a standard. This standard means that energy-related products like heat pumps with a heat output of 12 kW are allowed to produce up to 70 dB of noise. For heat pumps with a heat output of 30 kW, this limit increases to 78 dB.

So, if you have an industrial heat pump that meets European standards, it will still cause noise nuisance, for both your employees and local residents. All the more if your company uses several heat pumps. Without an acoustic solution, an industrial heat pump can produce twice the legally permitted noise level. 

If you do not proactively look for an acoustic solution, you will not be able to meet the VLAREM standards. Fortunately, DOX Noise Control offers flexible acoustic solutions. These enable you to have equipment that is climate-neutral and compliant with the noise standards. 

The soundproofing housings of DOX Noise Control

DOX Noise Control supplies an extensive range of acoustic solutions to industries and (large) companies seeking to minimise their noise pollution.

Soundproofing housings are ideal for installations like heat pumps. The DOX Noise Control housings are fully adaptable to any situation. They are modular and flexible, for both indoor and outdoor use, self-supporting or with a frame construction and can also be designed to be fire-resistant.

Key features:

  • all acoustic aspects are matched to the heat pump specifications;
  • noise reduction up to 59 dB (A) (according to ISO 717-1:1996);
  • flexible designs in terms of shape, dimensions, ventilation and cut-outs;
  • modular panel systems for easy and quick assembly and disassembly;
  • weatherproof designs for outdoor installation;
  • fire-resistant designs are possible (fire retardant up to 90 minutes);
  • wide choice of materials: galvanised steel, aluminium or stainless steel, with or without wet paint or powder coating finish;
  • turnkey design with, among other things, steel construction, lifting devices (approved), vibration insulation, ventilation, air filtration, air-conditioning, fire protection, lighting.

Plan the right acoustic insulation from the start 

Are you planning to install an industrial heat pump, or do you already have an installation that requires an acoustic solution? DOX Noise Control ensures you get the right advice and a seamless installation, based entirely on your wants and needs. Contact us if you need more information.


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