Noise control systems have become an inescapable component of road and rail systems. Wherever a high-capacity traffic route adjoins residential areas, a noise barrier will be both necessary and useful.

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Create a pleasant and healthy working and living environment in a moving and sustainable society.

Sustainable quality solutions

In our search for the sound-insulating solution for infrastructure systems that can deliver high acoustic performance, is ecologically sound and uses state of the art technology, we arrive at our aluminum noise barriers. These are used: as a sound barrier on open roads / tracks, on bridges, in open trenches, in front of and in tunnels.

Aluminum barriers are 97.6% recyclable and meet the applicable standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 26000. They offer efficiency, creativity and sustainability.

With this we offer an equivalent alternative to the current infrastructure solutions on the market.

Screen off loud traffic arteries and protect the environment
The advantages

Our solutions have superior sound reduction & absorption, are visually attractive, allow individual designs, can be combined with other materials, comply with all standards and guidelines, are CE certified, have a high resistance to freezing salt and de-icing salt, are maintenance-free and wear low life cycle costs ....

We assist you from A to Z, offer practical solutions and bridge the gap between your needs and the environment for a healthy and harmonious working and living environment.

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  • Superior noise reduction and absorption
  • Recyclable
  • Lightweight
  • Visually attractive - also possible with print
  • Fast & easy installation
  • Both custom and standard products
  • Can be combined with other materials


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