Industrial air-conditioning noise

Condensers, cooling units, roof units… the air-conditioning techniques used in your company can cause noise nuisance. Deal with them in time to prevent complaints.

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Tailor-made solutions to shield climate control techniques

Today's technology means that installations are increasingly quiet. Yet there are cases where an installation or ventilation opening exceeds the sound level. Common noise sources and problem areas in installation technology are:

  • Installations and machines such as cooling units and air treatment installations, heat pumps, boilers and burners.
  • Ventilation openings on a roof or in a facade
  • Fans

We offer our sound insulating and absorbing barriers as a standard solution. They are easy and quick to assemble, maintenance-friendly and offer security in terms of load-bearing capacity and wind load capacity. When a sound barrier does not provide sufficient sound insulation, we design a tailor-made solution - in combination with additional solutions such as ventilation grilles, dampers and doors.

The installations themselves can be damped by installing splitter silencers and blow-off silencers, which have a high-quality sound and air technology.

Avoid noise nuisance due to climate conditioning systems
The advantages

A healthy world, climate control techniques play an important role in this. They provide sufficient healthy fresh air in a building, provide clean water and create a pleasant climate. We are happy to contribute to their objective by making the environment around the installations quieter.

Take noise-reducing measures to reduce noise emissions and to comply with environmental legislation.

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  • Reduce noise emissions
  • Prevent noise complaints in the area
  • Comply with environmental legislation
  • Screen off disruptive installations


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