Prevent complaints, comply with the environmental standards and protect employees with sustainable industrial noise abatement tailored to your company. Industrial processes are inevitably accompanied by a lot of noise. Just think of fans or compressors. DOX offers tailor-made solutions to keep noise pollution - both internal and environmental noise - within limits and thus to respect the noise standards.

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Create a pleasant and healthy working and living environment in a moving and sustainable society.

Tackle noise pollution at its source with tailor-made solutions

Industrial processes are inevitably accompanied by a lot of noise. Just think of fans or compressors.

DOX Noise Control works with any type of noise nuisance in accordance with the applicable environmental standards and always offers a tailor-made solution that perfectly matches the wishes and needs of your company. Ranging from individual solutions to large-scale noise remediation of industrial sites.

Industrial sound barriers have both sound-insulating and sound-absorbing properties, making them very versatile for the acoustic insulation of industrial environments, both indoors and outdoors. But our expertise goes much further than that. Powerful silencers, grilles and sound-insulating enclosures are also part of the wide range of DOX Noise Control.

Industry in harmony with the environment
The advantages

Both engineering offices and end customers can call on us to convert theoretical findings into practical applications. We take all important factors into account when developing a noise abatement solution and tackle the cause directly.

We assist you from A to Z, offer practical solutions and bridge the gap between your specific sector and the environment for a healthy and harmonious working and living climate.

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  • Meet the VLAREM or other environmental standards
  • Prevent complaints from the environment
  • Protect employees
  • Screen off disruptive installations


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